“The Frozen Flames” is the leader for four weeks in a row

2016-09-22 by Jens Henrik Jensen

For the fourth week in a row my new thriller, “Oxen - The Frozen Flames”, is the leader on the biggest bestsellerlist in Denmark. (two weeks as no. 1, one week as no. 2 and then again no. 1...)
At the same time my two other novells with warveteran Niels Oxen as the main character also have made their way to the top once again.
“The Dark Men” (2014) is number one on the bestsellerlist for paperback/hardbacks – and “Hangdogs” (2012) is number two.
“The Frozen Flames” is already an amazing story. Although it had been in the bookshops for only two days, released on 26. of August, it immediately jumped to the first position on the list, made by the book company Bog & Ide.
This unusually succes was noticed at the national tv station, TV 2, and the story about me and “The Frozen Flames” was broadcasted in the national news, 30. of August.



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