Oxen finds succes abroad

The author Jens Henrik Jensen is in the process of adding another chapter to the story about Danish crime novels as an export success.

Jens Henrik Jensen has thus signed a contract with the German DTV Verlag. In recent years, the Munich publishing company has had considerable success publishing Jussi Adler-Olsen, who like Jens Henrik Jensen is published by Politikens Forlag in Denmark.

DTV Verlag has bought the entire Oxen trilogy, which includes Hangdogs, The Dark Men and The Frozen Flames. The DTV editors Dora Höppner and Elisabeth Kurath explain:

"Jens Henrik Jensen's Oxen trilogy, which is our latest, incredible find in Scandinavia, is an extremely interesting series with a complex plot and a totally convincing main character. He is not only intelligent but also completely human in the way he lives with post-traumatic stress. Once you have started reading, it is impossible to put the book down, and this applies to all three of them. We therefore have complete faith in the new powerful voice from Denmark: Jens Henrik Jensen."

In Norway, the large publishing company Norsk Aschehoug has also purchased the entire Oxen trilogy. The well-reputed finish publishing house, WSOY, in Helsinki is following suit:

"It is not unusual to come across a thriller with a plot that is so good that you can't stop reading. It is also not uncommon to come across a thriller with well-rounded, realistic main characters, written in a fluid and easily accessible language. However, seeing all three qualities combined in one novel is extremely rare. Jens Henrik Jensen's Oxen trilogy is a first-class example of such a rare, literary success," says the publisher Henrikki Timgren from WSOY. 

The rights to the Oxen trilogy have so far been sold to the following countries:
Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Rumania, The Czech Republic