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Only one word covers it: awesome ...

Jens Henrik Jensen excels himself with the third book in the series about the highly-decorated elite soldier Niels Oxen. “The frozen flames” simmers with suspense, bubbles with action, teams with colourful individuals – all told in a way that only one word can express: awesome.
... A good book is surely like great art: hard to define, why it is so good. But when one comes across it, one is not in doubt. Quality has a life of its own. It works through the way that it strikes us. And this is the case with Jens Henrik Jensen’s new novel, “The frozen flames”.
(...) Everyone will be able to enjoy the delightful scent of quality.
... In what is becoming an overwhelming number of Danish crime writers, there are few who are close to Jensen’s quality. Together with Jussi Adler-Olsen, he defines the highest standard in the genre.
... This ability simultaneously to create suspense, write about violence and death and still show people in nuanced colours – and include a surprising, quiet melancholy and poetry in the middle of the dramas – that is what characterises a great author who can do more than create suspense. Jens Henrik Jensen has these characteristics. That makes it a real pleasure to read his novels.

Jysk Fynske Medier

Clear your diary and put your feet up

... The language flows, the action is vivid and draws you in from the start. Just like its two predecessors, this was a novel which largely read itself: I could simply not put it down until I had turned the final page.
... This is top entertainment, delightfully designed conspiracy theories, many mysteries and loose ends which keep the reader’s attention. And then all the loose ends are tied together at the end, in an easy and very natural way. Razor-sharp plot, solid characters and a plot that is sustained all the way for the third novel running. I maintain that JHJ is Denmark’s best writer in this genre, and he cements that reputation with this superb novel. That really only leaves two things: the impatient wait for the next book from JHJ and then: Clear your diary, put your feet up and penetrate the Danish power elite – another must-read.


Oxen - convincing and gripping

... This becomes a thundering chase, full of intrigues, secrets and betrayal, soldierly wiles and furious action – all told with insight not least in the proud, martyred mind of the veteran, giving a real heroic tale with wicked enemies and loyal friends.
There have been dozens of thrillers about secret power structures, but they only rarely work as convincingly and powerfully as Jensen’s trilogy. This is because he refines his writing with a commanding overview and insight into more than close combat techniques – thereby making the whole series worth five stars.

Ekstra Bladet


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