"Sophisticated plot over pure evil, please"

Jens Henrik Jensen tells about his writing:

I love hidden agendas, duplicities and sophisticated plots. I'm fascinated by the clandestine life of the secret agent.

I revel in the tenacity of the investigator, whether it leads to solving a crime or admitting defeat. And I enjoy a quick pace – and pulse.

You now know that the books I read vary greatly in terms of genre. They contain elements of the thriller, crime novel and drama genres. But they are never typical of a single field. More like Jensen hybrids. I hope they combine the best of all worlds.

On the other hand, I'm not overly fond of violence, bloodshed and the anatomy of evil.

The classic crime novel isn't my main source of inspiration either. I grew up with Alistair McLean and Frederick Forsyth, and, in adulthood, I enjoy the works of Robert Ludlum, Len Deighton and John Le Carré. Not to mention the top Swedish crime novelists.

My novels take form in this melting pot of authors. I have no particular role model but a love of conspiracies and shady affairs. And I love writing and telling stories. It's how it all began for me in 1994, when I started working on my first novel, Wienerringen (The Viennese Ring), and it's how it continues.