Jensen was the Danish readers' favourite

The 2019 Martha Prisen literary prize was won by Jens Henrik Jensen, who came out as the clear winner in a reader vote.

The prestigious Danish literary prize “Martha Prisen – Danish readers’ favourite author 2019” was awarded to crime writer Jens Henrik Jensen this autumn.

Jensen, who was nominated for the thriller ‘Lupus’, the fourth book in the series about the war veteran Niels Oxen, won a clear victory over the other seven nominees. He won a third of all votes cast.

The prize, which was established by the bookshop chain Bog&ide, was awarded with great fanfare at the company’s head office in Horsens. It was the 31st time that Danish readers could vote and choose their favourite, and many of the former winners of the award count among Denmark’s best-known authors.

In her presentation speech, Marianne Pedersen, Managing Director of Bog&ide, said, among other things:
“We are convinced that the readers are rewarding you, not only for Lupus but also for the many other books you have written over the years. You are a master at combining interesting character portraits with historic narrative and riveting stories.”

Jens Henrik Jensen expressed his thanks and promptly shared the prize with those who had given it to him: the Danish readers.

In addition to the honour and the flowers, the prize also includes a beautiful sculpture made by artist Kaj Rugholm and a framed certificate.

PHOTOS (click on each photo to see the full screen version)
1) Unaware that the staff of Bog&ide had lined up on a balcony on the first floor, Jens Henrik Jensen walked straight into a round of applause and a shower of confetti at the bookshop chain’s head office in Horsens.
2) Jens Henrik Jensen responds by also clapping his hands in appreciation of the surprise reception.
3) A happy author with a big smile on his face.
4) Jens Henrik Jensen flanked by, from the left, publisher and manager of Politikens Forlag, Lene Juul, and to the right the sales manager of the publishing house, Pernille Hjorth.
5) The Managing Director of Bog&ide, Marianne Pedersen, presented Jens Henrik Jensen with flowers, a certificate and the Martha sculpture.
6) The visible proof of the title as winner of the Martha prize and the readers’ 2019 favourite is a beautiful statuette by artist Kaj Rugholm.