Oxen sold to Scandinavian film giant


The crime writer Jens Henrik Jensen and the film production company SF Studios have signed an agreement granting the Scandinavian film giant SF Studios the right to film Jens Henrik Jensen's crime trilogy about the war veteran Niels Oxen.

The film agreement cements a long, successful period for the Oxen trilogy, which includes the titles Hangdogs, The Dark Men and the latest novel, The Frozen Flames. It was published in August last year and has been on the bestseller lists ever since. The Oxen series has been a publishing success in Denmark, and a number of foreign publishing houses have secured the rights to the books.

"With his original and thrilling action story about the war veteran Niels Oxen and the one-legged Danish Intelligence Service agent Margrethe Franck, Jens Henrik Jensen has created a Danish thriller universe at the top international level. The plot, which is elegantly resolved over three novels, can best be described as a Danish variant of the Jason Bourne films or the classic film The Fugitive with Harrison Ford," says SF Studio's Danish Head of Production, Lars Bredo Rahbek, and adds:

 "We look forward to getting down to work. First, we will check the possibilities of making a television series, although, in principle, the plot is strong enough to form the basis of a feature film to be shown in the cinemas. Like in the novels, where Denmark's most decorated soldier Niels Oxen is being hunted, SF Studios' production unit has now started hunting for the right director and a team of manuscript writers".

Author Jens Henrik Jensen describes the agreement as follows:
"For me, SF Studios is the logical choice. SF has both the creativity and the financial strength required for such a huge task. The Oxen trilogy has the potential to become a beautiful, intelligent and action-packed production of international standards, and SF Studios is determined to realise this potential. Oxen is therefore in the very best hands".

Filmproducer Senia Dremstrup, SF Studios: "We need a lot of time to tell the complex story of Oxen. Therefore I will start focusing on a tv series."