Niels Oxen is back in business September the 4.

2014-07-11 by Jens Henrik Jensen

Niels Oxen is back in business September the 4.

Thursday the fourth of September will be "Oxen Day" in Denmark. On this day volume 2 in the Oxen Trilogy will be for sale. The title is: The Dark Men.

The novel is a sequel to the huge succes Hangdogs - but can be read as an independent novel.

It has taken Jens Henrik Jensen two years to write the new novel featuring Niels Oxen, the veteran and former elitesoldier.

Oxen, Denmark's highest decorated soldier ever, lives and works under Romanian identity at a remote fish farm in Jutland. The post traumatic stress-syndrome suffering veteran lives in a state of constant alertness: he has a secret that keeps him alive - but it might also kill him.  When a curator is murdered in a castle and the Danish Minister of Justice Minister is involved, an avalanche of violent events is set in motion. Only few people spot the connection to Oxen ...

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