The Jester in Murmansk

Published: 1999 - Publisher: Politikens Forlag - Pages: 408

Not published in English

Two men cross the polar circle at the same time. One is CIA agent Jan Jordi Kazanski. The other a mysterious Russian, who is transported to Murmansk under cover in a Danish truck. 

In the Russian nuclear harbor, a game of high tension between the intelligence services of several countries has begun after a macabre catch of a local fisherman: A chopped off arm with a tattoo, which leads the CIA towards evidence of illegal dumping of nuclear waste in the Barents Sea. 

While Kazanski gropes his way in the winter dark harbor town following an increasingly bloody track, the Russian is preparing for his own mission. Behind the scenes, other actors are getting ready to enter the stage. One of them is a female Russian lieutenant, another is an eccentric albino, who seems to control Murmansk: the Jester…

CIA agent Jan Jordi Kazanski first appeared in Jens Henrik Jensens breakthrough novel “The Shrew in Craców” from 1997.


An extremely well-written thriller

It was a big, but pleasant surprise when Jens Henrik Jensen turned up amongst the best Danish thriller writers with his “The Shrew in Kraków” - especially as his debut “The Wiener Ring” was far from promising. His third novel will show us if he can do it again.
He can. “The Jester in Murmansk” is an extremely well-written political thriller – not just by Danish standards, but also in an international perspective.

Jens Henrik Jensen has been on a research trip to Murmansk, and has clearly been to the library to study relevant subjects. Thus, the level of credibility is high, as it should be in a thriller dealing with serious political issues. This, combined with literary craftsmanship, an efficient build-up of suspense, fascinating and well-written portraits of characters (including the quite alternative Murman “jester”) leads me into congratulating Jens Henrik Jensen with his graduation to first class thriller writer.

The latest brilliant Danish thriller writer

In superior fashion, Jens Henrik Jensen exhibits his sense for detail, delivers a convincing account of the bleak conditions in Murmansk while, at the same time, sustaining the drive of the story. …Jens Henrik Jensen has come to stay as the latest brilliant Danish thriller writer.

Virtuously balancing on the edge

Jens Henrik Jensen juggles all the information, the occurrences and characters with impressive ease, while virtuously balancing on the edge of the obvious and the confusing. As always, he manages to come up with a surprising twist to the plot, yet, never solely for the sake of effect. Moreover, the book is obviously the result of impressive research.

What do the readers say?

An exiting and up-to-the-minute trilogy about East and West, intrigues, power struggles, agents, mafiaen, and everything in between. The Trilogy matches Robert Ludlum.
♦ Ruth Blichfeldt,

I have just read the book. It leaves you breathless… You feel, you are inside the book itself - walking around at the same places as Kazanski...
♦ Peter Damsgaard, Dane living in Murmansk

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