The Ghost Prisoner

Published: 2010 - Publisher: Politikens Forlag - Pages: 479

Not published in English

A carefully planned liquidation of two crime bosses sends the Danish coastal town of Esbjerg spiralling into a bloody gang war. 

Despite her merits, highly respected Inspector Nina Portland is taken off the investigation and assigned to a routine case: a private jet has crashed on the west coast of Jutland, killing one person. At first a routine investigation for Nina, several circumstances surrounding the crash soon point to foul play. 

As the gang war culminates in a family tragedy, a group of top-level intelligence officers show up. The plane crash case takes a turn for the mysterious as Nina discovers that one of the people on board was a top secret passenger who has seemingly vanished into thin air. 

In the midst of a looming international scandal, Nina is thrust into the most chaotic days of her life. As truths and lies become increasingly fuzzy, a shady figure watches in the wings, plotting to strike ...

The Ghost Prisoner is Jensens third and last with DI Nina Portland from Esbjerg Police as the main character.


I love Nina Portland

The Ghost Prisonner, Jens Henrik Jensen's third novel with Esbjerg cop Nina Portland, just might be the perfect contemporary Danish thriller full of boldness, intensity and drama merged with gang conflicts, police reforms and international terrorism.
With a steady hand, Jens Henrik Jensen weaves a fast-paced 500-page tale of intrigue you won't want to put down.

I love Nina Portland: the tough lady copper with an eye for conspiracies, a rebellious streak and an iron will, who plugs along even when things seem hopeless. Or solved.

It is this outstanding attention to authenticity in Jens Henrik Jensen's story which prompts readers to remind themselves that it is, after all, just a story. And he has a unique ability to keep up the suspense until the final dot.

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A real Jensen treat

The Ghost Prisoner is Danish thriller author Jens Henrik Jensen's sixth novel. In this one, he has succeeded in composing yet another exciting crime thriller for his considerable audience. The story blossoms into a captivating political thriller which questions the way authorities combat terrorism.

It is a novel with its own views on the problems of the world, and Jensen lavishly dishes out his knowledge of Danish as well as international affairs.

In short, Jens Henrik Jensen has cooked up quite a treat this time. I give it my warmest recommendations.

Gold for The Ghost Prisoner

[In comparison with other current thrillers] Nonetheless, Jens Henrik Jensen takes home the gold for his new novel, The Ghost Prisoner – a grand Danish thriller novel.

While at no point affecting the originality of the story, the references to Swedish crime novelist duo Sjöwahl and Wahlö are evident. The characteristic (caricature?) of the Police Commissioner might as easily have been penned by Jensen's Swedish counterparts. A keen eye for developments in society and the absurdity of excessive bureaucracy has a Swedish ring to it. It's a case of inspiration, however, moulded into Jensen's own impressive gift of storytelling.

The Ghost Prisoner is a smashing crime novel.

What do the readers say?

I'm a hardcore crime novel fan - and this is simply one of the best I've ever read. PLEASE write some more...
♦ Hanne K.,

Boo... It is said to be the last in the serie with Nina Portland. Hopefully JHJ thinks better of it and gives us a successor.
♦ Miss Amager,

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