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A milestone in Danish criminal fiction

Danish media group, Jyske Medier , Arne Mariager

In all likelihood, Denmark hasn't seen a thriller to match the pace of Jens Henrik Jensen's Hangdogs. It's apparent from the very first line. Awesome. And it goes on from start to finish.
Action-packed, only the phrase "compact suspense" fully covers the plot of Hangdogs. Yet it's something more, and that elevates it beyond its Danish genre-leading peers. Tremendously well-written.

One page in, and you just know you have a real page-turner – and a lasting first impression.

Hangdogs is a novel up there with the best. Reading Hangdogs, I couldn't help but think of Frederick Forsyth. And that's as big as they come in this genre. Hangdogs is a peerless Danish thriller.

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I love Nina Portland

JydskeVestkysten, Ole H.B. Andreesen

The Ghost Prisonner, Jens Henrik Jensen's third novel with Esbjerg cop Nina Portland, just might be the perfect contemporary Danish thriller full of boldness, intensity and drama merged with gang conflicts, police reforms and international terrorism.
With a steady hand, Jens Henrik Jensen weaves a fast-paced 500-page tale of intrigue you won't want to put down.

I love Nina Portland: the tough lady copper with an eye for conspiracies, a rebellious streak and an iron will, who plugs along even when things seem hopeless. Or solved.

It is this outstanding attention to authenticity in Jens Henrik Jensen's story which prompts readers to remind themselves that it is, after all, just a story. And he has a unique ability to keep up the suspense until the final dot.

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