Café in Esbjerg named after Nina Portland

The quick-witted and tough police officer from Esbjerg, Nina Portland, who is the main character in Jens Henrik Jensen’s three books, The Axe Ship, The Coal Man and The Ghost Prisoner became famous years ago as (perhaps?) the only European crime fiction character with her very own restaurant.

Portlands Coffee & Wine in Esbjerg is located in the same building in which Nina Portland lives, i.e. on the corner of Kirkegade/Skolegade 48. To be precise, Nina lives on the first floor where the author himself lived many years ago. The owners therefore did not have to look far for inspiration when naming the café.

The corner at the very back of the café is dedicated to the woman who gave name to the place. Posters, and a photostat, of Nina Portland are on display, so if you want to say hello to her, here is an excellent opportunity for a pleasant and tasty meeting. Click here to see what’s on offer: